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BristolCon Fringe: May 2017 - Emma Newman

June 2nd, 2017

Our headline guest for May was Emma Newman. She read the first chapter of her novel, After Atlas, which is a finalist for the Arthur C. Clarke Award. This introduces us to the main character in the novel, Carlos Moreno. He is a detective, but also the son one of the passengers on the Atlas, the colony ship from Planetfall. This story takes place many years after the Atlas left Earth.

When introducing Emma, Cheryl Morgan mentions some top secret news that she can't divulge at the time. We can now reveal that Emma will be the Guest of Honour at Åcon 9 in Flnland next year.

BristolCon Fringe is a monthly reading series produced by the BristolCon Foundation. For further details see our Venue and Schedule pages.