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Bristolcon Fringe: February 2014 - Ken Shinn

March 10th, 2014

With Scott Lewis having been called away to rescue people from the Somerset floods, Ken Shinn kindly stepped into the breach in our February event. He read from his story, "A Case of the Vapours" from Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion.

Ken Shinn was born in London in the later years of the 20th century. Since his childhood, he has regarded the world of speculative fiction with envious eyes, and slowly and surely he has laid his plans against it. Almost half a century later, following residences in Liverpool and Norwich and their respective SF communities, he is now resident in Bristol with his two cats, and is very pleased to be so. “Case Of The Vapours” is his first professionally-published fiction, and will not be his last. (He also owns his own top hat.)

Our apologies to Ken for some sound problems during the reading.

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