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BristolCon Fringe: September 2013 - Piotr Świetlik

November 11th, 2013

This is the first reading from the September 2013 BristolCon Fringe reading. It features Piotr Świetlik, who reads from a short story he is working on. The event is hosted by Cheryl Morgan.

Piotr Świetlik is an SF/F author, DJ, husband and father, originally from Silesia in Poland. He holds a Master’s degree in Information Brokering which helps to keep the hunger for knowledge burning and provides him with ideas for stories. He loves reading SF and his favorite authors are Roger Zelazny, Philip Dick and Michael Moorcock, the first mentioned being the most influential on his writing. He has lived in UK for the past nine years. He has been writing short stories for the past ten years or so, some of them published in Poland. So far his only published story in English is in the Full Frontal Lobe e-zine.

BristolCon Fringe is a monthly reading series produced by the BristolCon Foundation. For details of future events, see our website.